Thank you. You helped me find my focus, drive and determination. I know where I'm going in life and I have dreams and aspirations. I'm working hard to get somewhere in this world. Not long ago mum put the biggest smile on my face when she told me she was proud of me and what I have achieved.

I started my own business in January. I've been flat out working ever since and I love every second of it. No two days are ever the same and not a day goes by that I don't learn something new. I want to expand my business and get another pilot van and put a driver on. I also met my man on the road not long after I started. It took me about 2500 kms to realise he is the one and he's the other half of me. What a gift we have been given. Thanks Amber!

Ayla* (Midland)

Just a quick note to say thank you for your Hypno-band therapy. I am so pleased. I have lost 16kg to date and am still going strong, I have a much better frame of mind and are much more relaxed so once again thank you.


Just wanted to keep you up to date on my progress. I joined a personal trainer after my last visit and have been working very hard to lose the weight and live a healthier lifestyle. On my first visit I weighed in at 105kgs and am now 700gms off 89 kgs .... I'm so happy with my progress. I have so much more energy. I can't thank you enough for your help, your encouraging words and just making me have faith in myself. I listen to your CD and it really does keep me on track .... I will keep you updated on my progress.

When I first met Amber in January 2011, I weighed 115kg. I had tried diets in the past and only lost a few kg each time and it was a major struggle to always be ”good”, counting calories, weighing everything I ate and depriving myself of all the stuff my mind wanted my body to have. I had no motivation to exercise and I didn’t eat proper meals, often skipping breakfast and lunch and finding myself starving at 4pm and willing to eat as much as I could of whatever I could until bedtime.


Lois* (Perth)

Thank you for giving me back ME and all I deserve to be! When I came to see you 3 months ago I was so depressed about my life, my weight was out of control and I had given up on myself. I had built a protective barrier around myself and I thought that being depressed was ok. I soon learnt after your empowering sessions I was worth more and deserved to think better of myself. By the third session I had all your tools in place and the forth was just for my re-enforcement. I have lost over 10 kilos thanks to you, but more importantly, have my life back. I love going out and enjoying fitness activities, food doesn't control me anymore and binging is a thing of the past. I also know if I make a slip up, that's ok, we all make mistakes and tomorrow is another day. I have recommended you to so many of my friends and when I receive compliments on how different I look, I proudly tell them it was thanks to you. My weight was one thing you got me in control of, but to me even more amazing is that since your session on helping me stop biting my nails over 3 weeks ago, I haven't bitten them once! This is particularly amazing as my nails have been a life long habit I have tried to break many times. I loved your sessions, love you and can't recommend you highly enough to anyone needing help with their weight or a bad habit they need to break. Thanks again Amber - You are AMAZING!!

Faye* (Leeming)

I first saw a story about Amber on Today Tonight. My weight loss journey had gone quite well but I had set myself a goal of a clothing size instead of a weight goal. I had reached my self set goal and for 12 months didn't lose or put on any weight, but I realised I still had weight to lose. After the first session with Amber, I was ready to get back on track with not only my eating but also doing exercise, which I would do only occasionally. I have now set myself a goal of a weight I think is realistic for myself. An added bonus to my sessions with Amber is the erratic sleeping pattern I have had for many years has changed dramatically. I am now sleeping better, I wake up more refreshed and am loving life. I can't thank Amber enough for the help she has given me. 


I tried on clothes this morning and cannot believe the amount of weight I have lost in such a short time! I have three wardrobes in our house and each has different clothes in different sizes. I have been going through one with clothes that still have tags on. Although a bit tight it seems the way I am going I will be them wearing soon. I now have a new found problem in explaining to my husband that I have not been out and purchased a whole load of new clothes. I am wearing what I already had. Nice problem though :))) I usually give my little emoticon triple chins. I can now give one :)

Annette* (Midland)

I asked Amber to help me find the motivation to exercise and to eat ‘proper’ meals. Amber taught me about portion control, proportion control and motivation for exercise.

The biggest thing Amber did was gave me the confidence and control, not a diet. When I diet, control is taken from me ie “on Monday you will eat this. On Tuesday you will eat that” and my mind says “but my body wants this” and the diet goes out the window. Through hypnotherapy, Amber got my mind in the right frame, gave me the tools, motivation and encouragement to choose my own foods and how to proportion each meal so my body would use the food, not store it. I tell everybody that I’m not on a diet, I am on a health kick or weight loss campaign because diets have a start and finish and I want this to be forever. My motto is “If I want it, I eat it, I just eat less of it” and if today’s a bad day, it’s not like I’m on a diet and have to start again, I just get on with it!

As for exercise, Amber has put the motivation into my head to do it and I now actually feel guilty if I don’t do it. I walk, jog (my style) and do some simple strength training 4 – 5 times per week, weather, work, children and life permitting.

So here I am some 24 weeks later and 25kg lighter still going, getting smaller (my husband calls me the incredible shrinking woman), stronger and healthier. After recently reading an article on diabetes, I am convinced I was very close to diagnosis, I used to experience a lot of symptoms but not anymore. My blood pressure is perfect, my pulse rate is great and fitness level is improving daily. Amber could very well have saved my life! She has definitely 100% improved it.


I have always struggled with weight issues all my life.

At 42 years of age I finally made the decision that things had to change for me so I went and saw Amber. I felt like I have been a constant yoyo dieter for most of my life and was a bit unsure if this would be the one for me. With saying that, I have only been to Amber for a week and I followed her directions and I found that I have felt more energy than ever before, nothing is a drama to do (exercise) and I have lost 5 kilos in my first week. 

I am amazed at this as I feel like I am always eating and never hungry. I don't even crave foods like I used to when I smelt something cooking.

If you are looking for amazing results, not only in your weight loss but in whole outlook in life go and see Amber. She has made a huge impact on me and my life thus far.


My daughter who is now 20 years old was diagnosed with ADHA and was prescribed dexamphetamine at the age of 15. Instantly we noticed a change in her personality. She was not the bubbly, creative girl she was without the medication but at the time we thought it was important because of her studies.

However, during the past year we noticed a dramatic change in her personality and health, she had developed a sleeping disorder, she would not communicate with family spending all her time in bed. She had also developed some alarming physical side affects related to circulation that was a direct cause of the medication. Her work suffered and by the end of the year she was not working.

We decided it would be worth seeing if she could cope not taking the medication, as it was not really helping, so my first step was to book her into a naturopath, I did this but had to wait 4 weeks for the appointment.

Within a few days of making that appointment my husband and I were driving home and saw Amber's sign, in that moment I decided I would give it a go and book my daughter an appointment. On the day of our first appointment my daughter was very low, did not want to get out of bed, was saying her life was not worth living and was in tears, I was not sure I was going to be able to get her to the appointment. Thankfully we got there and by the end of the first session my daughter was bright, happy and engaging with family. She has been going to Amber on a weekly basis for the past 4 weeks and her life has completely turned around.

From a parents point of view I consider that Amber has given us back our beautiful daughter and I am in awe of Amber's commitment to young people and her ability to communicate with them instantly. I wish we had known Amber 5 years ago but am extremely grateful that we found her in time. I tell everyone I possibly can about Amber and will continue to do so.

Leisa L*

I came to Amber on the 16th December 2010 and thought what are you doing Chris !! just before Christmas, wait until after but it worked for me. The hypnobanding surgery was very realistic and engaged all my senses which made it very real for me. I listen to Amber every night on a CD that she gives you and it absolutely works for me. I truly believe that this was the catalyst to my success. I have lost 8 kilos to date 27th January, 2011. I did not feel for one minute deprived throughout Christmas and was always satisfied. I find I become fuller quicker and enjoy my meals more. I enjoy listening to Amber's positive attitude which reinforces the hypnobanding for me. Amber incorporates in each session any problems I may be having and she is so easy to talk too and from the minute I met her I felt as though I was talking to a dear friend who has been there for me. I have had three sessions with Amber to date and would thoroughly recommend Amber to anyone wanting help with their weight loss. It really works.


I couldn't believe I flew to Adelaide without drugs or panic attacks! It was so good not to be terrified. My brother in Adelaide is also scared of flying and is very interested in hypno banding. Is there anyone you could recommend in Adelaide for him to see? One of my daughters is also interested. I have been going to the gym and eating small amounts. I get back to Perth on the weekend so will try and book in for my last session.

Georgette* (Caversham)

I heard about Amber and all her wonderful work she does so I decided to contact her about the new Hypno Banding. My first appointment was in January 2011, I weighed 76 Kilos which was over weight for my height and I wasn't happy with myself. After the first week I had lost 3 kilos, exercising every day and watched what I ate. I was amazed with the results and feeling so much better within myself. My life has changed so much and everything seems to be going up hill, my health is so much better and I am so much fitter. My confidence has had such a boost and it's amazing how many people have said how good I look. After 6 weeks I have now gone from 76 kilos to 69 kilos, that's 7 kilos in 6 weeks. I thank Amber for changing my life and giving me back the confidence I once had. I would recommend Amber as it really does work. I will be in constant contact with her to stay on track.


My name is Brian - a 52 year old man from York, Western Australia.

I have had a weight problem for most of my life and tried all the weight loss programs out there with no long term success, the term yoyo dieting best describes where I was at, I would lose weight then put it all (if not more) back on again. About 18 months ago I was with my doctor for a check up and I asked him about gastric lap banding surgery, we made enquiries and found it was going to cost around $4000 which I could not afford so my only other option was to go through the public system and go on the waiting list, that was 18 months ago and still waiting.

About 9 weeks ago I saw an article on hypnotherapy and in particular the gastric hypno banding system which peaked my interest. I got on the internet and found more information on this system and decided it was something worth trying. During my investigation I found hypnotherapist Amber Poole and decided to make an appointment, the best move I’ve ever made, after making the appointment Amber rang me and we had a chat about my circumstances and what I had gone through to get where I am and what she could do to help me, this to me was great because I knew I had someone who cared and genuinely wanted to help me.

After the first session I came away feeling the best I have felt in years and looking forward to the next session which was the main event so to speak even fasting to make it seem more real, after the second session I came away a little hungry as I had fasted since the previous night and when I had something to eat I could not believe how quickly I felt full eating much less than normal and thought to myself this is going to work. Now the third session we went through eating plans and how things were progressing, I mentioned that I bite my fingernails so Amber added that into the session, I haven’t bitten them since. The last session was confirming everything that had happened and adjusting the “band” a little to suit my needs.

The whole process has worked exceptionally well for me having lost 17kg in the first 8 weeks and Amber has been fantastic not only during the sessions but keeping in touch via phone, sms, Skype and email with support and encouragement throughout. An added bonus is with savings on food bills the whole process has paid for itself, I could spend anywhere from $15 to $35 a day on takeaway now I spend around $55 a week on healthy food.

I whole heartedly recommend Amber Poole as a reputable and professional hypnotherapist who I am proud to call my friend.


UPDATE: Brian has now lost 65kgs!!! He is doing remarkably well and we have had a couple of magazines confirm that when he gets to goal weight, they will run a story on him.

In the first week I lost 4.5 kilos, my clothes were already baggy and my face was looking much slimmer. This is all great but for me, the other changes are what impress me the most – and what I needed! I don’t get food cravings anymore, I don’t mindlessly eat because I’m bored, no more need for sugar, I am not battling with myself whether or not to have the chocolate biscuit sitting on the table. With all that gone and more it is so easy to WANT to eat right. What Amber has helped me with is not a diet, it is a way of life - a new way of thinking. I am in control now, and LOVING IT!

Jess J*

I have managed now to have lost a total of 10 kilos since I first saw you!  I am ecstatic.  The first ten kilos is for me, for some reason, the hardest - not to lose, but to begin to lose.  Thank you so much!!


I came to see Amber as I wanted to quit smoking.  It was holding me back in my life and I was fed up with it.  After the first session I was amazed as I began living as a non-smoker straight away!  My friends lit up cigarettes for me when we were out and I wasn't tempted at all!

I came to see Amber one more time as I had some other addiction issues I wanted gone, now that I knew Hyponosis was effective.  After this session I have completely stopped all my unwanted behaviours and have told all my friends about it!  It has now been a few months and I am so pleased and thank Amber in helping me to achieve my dreams and goals.


I have suffered with allergies since I was about 12 - I am now in my 60's.  I had heard of others getting good results with Hypnotherapy so gave it a try.

Amber was very professional and I liked her approach.  I came for the one session and haven't needed to go back as I didn't suffer all the way through the worst time of the year for me!

She called me to follow up and I was so pleased to tell her that I didn't need to come back!  However, I will be going back soon just to reinforce the suggestions before the pollen season comes into full strength once again.

I am very happy with the results and recommend hypnotherapy completely!


The testimonials displayed above are provided as a means for clients to share their experiences with one another. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our services. However, they are individual results and results do vary.