What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural state that each of us has the ability to enter.

Your conscious mind is the part of you that you "think" with. It consists of all your conscious thought, while your subconscious handles many millions of details that you encounter every day... this happens on an unconscious level.

Basically, hypnosis allows us to open the subconscious mind to suggestion while the conscious mind wanders, or is otherwise distracted.

If you have ever sat down and relaxed, closed your eyes and taken deep breaths and stayed in this state for a few minutes, then chances are you have already experienced hypnosis.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

People differ in the degree to which they respond to hypnosis. A person's ability to experience hypnosis can be inhibited by fears and concerns arising from some common misconceptions. Contrary to some depictions of hypnosis in books, movies or television, people who have been hypnotized do not lose control over their behavior. Unless amnesia has specifically been suggested, people remain aware of who they are, where they are, and remember what transpired during hypnosis. Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience suggestions, but it does not force them to have these experiences.

What is the success rate of hypnotherapy?

A survey of psychotherapy literature by noted psychologist Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. revealed the following recovery rates:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions.
Behaviour Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions.
Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.

Source: American Health Magazine.

While you may think of hypnosis as something you see only in the movies or novels, hypnosis is used in real life as part of the treatment plan for people with numerous health ailments ranging from depression to gastro-intestinal disorders. Based on research showing that hypnosis can help people manage – and in some cases recover from illness, hypnosis is becoming a more common part of many patients’ recommended health treatment.

Practical uses for hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of:
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stuttering
  • Self harming
  • Addictions & drug addictions
  • Pain
  • Allergies & asthma
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Phobias & fears
  • Self esteem & confidence
  • Stress & habit disorders
  • Gastro-intestinal disorders
  • Skin conditions, acne
  • Post-surgical recovery and many other conditions. 
We have had fantastic success with Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation. Click here to read testimonials. Hypnotherapy can also be used in conjunction with other therapies, so if someone is taking medication to stop smoking it can be extremely helpful to strengthen the process with Hypnotherapy and cement the lasting changes.

How much does it cost?

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Private sessions
$120 per session.
$100 deposit required* 

Single Session Booking and Payment Information

Smoking Cessation
$210 (2 sessions / paid in total at first session). Usually $240+!
$100 deposit required* 

Personal Development Package (as seen on Today Tonight)
3 sessions targetting stress, phobias, anxiety, and habits.
$320 (3 sessions). Usually $360+!
$150 deposit required* 

Coaching and Development Package
4 sessions working at helping you to create your specific goals for your life or business.
$400 (4 sessions). Usually $480+!
$150 deposit required* 

When you are ready to move your life to where you want it to be, please click here to contact us.

*Please note that a deposit is required at time of booking. If you need to cancel the appointment, this deposit will be refunded as long as 48 hours notice is provided. This is standard policy created as a courtesy to our other clients and staff.