Amber Lee Poole
Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Amber Lee Poole is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is registered with the International Board of Clinical Practitioners.

She is passionate in helping her clients to achieve their goals and has complete faith that each and every one of us can change. After over 8 years of assisting people to change for the better and being on Today Tonight twice, featured in New Idea and Woman's Day, she is even more confident than ever she can assist you.

This brought the passion to help others and is her number one goal. Why stay in a "mind frame" that isn't serving you when you can be in one that is, so easily?

It has been through challenges in her own life that led her to finding out what brings lasting relief and change. Amber found that through reaching the subconscious mind took all the "struggle" and "hard work" out of creating what she really wanted in life.

And now she is determined to bring the help for you affordably.

Amber has lasting results-oriented experience in weight loss, after running her own clinic for over 8 years and helping many to achieve their weight loss and health goals. It is with this experience she became a Registered Practitioner with the world's No.1 virtual gastric banding system Hypno-Band.

She is always searching for the best the Health Industry can bring – as she herself continues to grow as a Hynotherapist and person.