Coaching and development

So many of us are very capable of attaining our goals but often fear of failure, fear of success and fear of others attitudes about us hold us back.

Amber's coaching with hypnosis gives you the ability to get your head back in
the game and be that best you! 

This could be used for the:
  • Athlete
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business owner
  • Student
  • Parent
  • Anyone that wants to win in life (in whatever way that is to you) and you can!

How much does it cost?

Coaching and Development Package
4 sessions working at helping you to create your specific goals for your life or business.
$400 (4 sessions). Note: Special Price. Limited Time Only.
$150 deposit required* 

Secure your spot with Amber now by clicking on the chat button above or click here for full contact details.

Amber loves helping people to achieve what is important to them.

*Please note that a deposit is required at time of booking. If you need to cancel the appointment, this deposit will be refunded as long as 48 hours notice is provided. This is standard policy created as a courtesy to our other clients and staff.